Air rifle

Air rifle
Air rifle is a weapon that uses a pneumatic principle that fire projectiles using air power or a particular type of compressed gas. Air rifles usually used for sports and hunting small animals such as birds and squirrels, size bullet used are usually not too big that is the size of .177 caliber or 4.5 mm and 5.5 mm are usually made of tin, despite that this rifle can kill humans that use the procedure is wrong or misused.

air rifle made in germani

Table of contents

    1 History
    2 air rifle in Indonesia
    3 type air rifle:
        The rifle-type
3.1 per / spring
        3.2 air rifle that uses gas in
               flattened tubes
        3.3 The rifle-type pump
    4 caliber air rifle
         4.1 Types of caliber air rifle:
    5 Projectile


Air rifle developed by the time the United States is experiencing a war of independence against the British. Also developed further during the turbulent civil war in America. At that time the airguns can kill a calf / heifer within 10 meters of fire on his head. Regarding the shooting range, depending on the type of air rifle. For the type of spring has effective range of 30 to 40 meters (depending on the material and quality of spring), for the type of pump effective firing range is 40 meters (depending on the strength of pumping) and the type of gas has effective range of 60 meters.

However, the use of this rifle in position to target and hunting rifles with smallgame size, use beyond that is considered an activity outside of the provisions.
Air rifle in Indonesia

In Indonesia, one of the famous brand of precision and firepower will approach the European air rifle is Sharp Innova, while fairly easily found in the market and easy production method is Cannon. Sharp Innova is actually a brand of air rifle manufactured in the United States and Japan about two decades ago and an air rifle that could reasonably be taken into account the quality (according to the reviews users). The Innova brand is now produced under license (need additional information) by many local producers in Indonesia. Sharp Innova made in Indonesia also issued other variants such as Tiger Sharp, Sharp Phoenik and others.

in Indonesia itself already has a long history. In Indonesia, with the caliber of 4.5 mm does not require permission. As for the caliber of 5.5 mm and above require permission.
Type of air rifle:
Rifle-type per / spring

Air rifle that uses per to pump air to push the bullet. For that type per, airguns are divided into:

   a. under the type of lever,
   b. bolt action, and
   c. broken barrel (break barrel).

The type of division by way of a spring in the press so that the rifle in cocked state to be ready to shoot.
Air rifles that use compressed gas in a tube

Gas already pumped before the weapons will be used.

1. Using a small tube CO2 gas which proyekstil or pellets are encouraged to use the pressure of the CO2 gas in the tube, the pressure generated is not too large, typically in use on the gun or air rifle with a short throw distances +/- 10m.Pellets in use usually the type diabolo.

2. Using compressed air commonly called PCP (Pre Charge Peneumatic) has a greater pressure between 2000-3000 psi, can catapult projectiles or pellets up to speed> 1,000 fps commonly used in small or medium hunting. type of pellets can use all types including type of pile drivers who require high wind pressure above 1500psi to generate power that optimum bullet ejection.
Rifle-type pump

Air rifles that use a pump (pump action) to compress air and then released to catapult projectiles. As for the type of pump, there are two types of wind-release manner, namely:

   - Knock open valve and
   - Dumping system

In the Open Valve Knock system used beater / hammer as usual firearms on the inside and to the use of external trigger similar dengn colt pistol. Dumping system for use valve that can be opened fully at the time of the trigger / trigger is triggered. Examples of air guns that use open valve Knock namely Benjamin Sheridan, Titan, Falcon, Bats, Horse (the latter two local).

Dumping system for which Sharp Dragon, Innova, Ace, Shapto (local) usually in industrial air rifle in several countries to equate the rules are similar to a firearm. And to prevent air rifle produced home / home industry diverted, some governments restrict the shortest barrel length is at least 45 cm / 18 "of space projectiles for firearms and 12" for air rifle.
Caliber air rifle

Air rifle is also a type of gun with some caliber. in addition to the above-mentioned caliber pellet gun also developed a greater caliber.
Types of caliber air rifle:

 1)   .177 "(4.5 mm) - the most common caliber, used also TheOlympic
shooting competition ISFF, this bullemost have a flat trajectory making it the most akurat.Tida require a permit to own a gu this caliber in Indonesia.
2)  .20 "(5.0 mm) - widely used in Europe and
          Sheridan brand rifle (USA) .Mempunyai
           flat trajectory similar to .177 but send more
           a lot of energy.
3)    .22 "(5.5 mm and 5.6 mm) - the most common caliber for
          hunting, because it has enough large energymust  permit   to  .

4)    .25 "(6:35 mm) - the most common large caliber,
         has the greatest force at the time
         collision but its trajectory is
         curved (parabolic) so that only
         used on a rifle with power

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